New Year; Fresh Start!

After a bold and brill start, with references to hot movie of the fall, Mary’s Musings fell silent.  I know. You were devastated. My apologies.

During this silent period, the blog’s author read the long-awaited (well, by some) Bridget Jones sequel: Mad About the Boy.  Author is feeling very British in the wake of this experience.  However. Will try to refrain from references to calories and alcohol units consumed, as neither is appropriate or relevant to this milieu.  Which, ahem, is supposed to be professional.

So.  Let us start over. Just had a v. helpful meeting with Martha Burtis of the UMW IT Department, which rolled out the Domain of One’s own initiative at UMW last fall.  (  Retained approximately 10% of information from this session…just enough to be dangerous, no doubt, and to feel sufficient confidence to resume posting.  My purported role in this project is to be one of many ambassadors to the UMW students, extolling the virtues of the domain  project and encouraging them to sign on.

I certainly AM on board with this idea. If you’d seen some of the social media presence exhibited by today’s students, you would be too!  Having a domain, like having a LinkedIn page should, in theory, be a way for the student to put forth their best foot. Impress employers/grad schools/future in-laws and the like with their academic and professional presence. As I am doing now, shining role model that I am/channeler of Bridget Jones that I aspire to be.

I am excited to learn more about managing my domain, to posting more frequently, to mixing in some a little serious information along with more amusing musings.  I plan to look online and find some of the outstanding domains that I know UMW students and faculty/staff are developing (I’ve already found several!). I appreciate all the time Martha gave me today, and even more the fact that she turned down the chocolates I offered her as thanks for her assistance…all the more for me to eat, you know!

In conclusion let me wrap up with: Chocolates consumed (Kisses and leftover Christmas loot)–six (so far). Calories: I have no idea, but the sugar rush will get me through at least the next hour or so!

4 thoughts on “New Year; Fresh Start!”

  1. I believe that the author should be very pleased with her channeling ability — Bridget Jones is definitely a force to be reckoned with and I am pleased that the author shared the domain information as well as amount of chocolates consumed.

    I will be revisiting.

  2. Needed company, obviously, to do justice to the chocolates. Will call you the next time I indulge & I’ll go for the chocolate & you can bring your Twizzlers.

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