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Lesson Learned

For nearly two years I have had a second (or is it a third? Or fourth? Does being a mom count as a job?) job as Blogs Community Manager at Fredericksburg Parent and Family. I LOVE this job. I get to read a variety of posts on topics related to parenting AND I get to brainstorm with the writers, suggest topics, edit their posts as needed, and promote them to the readers of Fred. Parent via Facebook.  I also develop relationships with these talented writers and remind them to post in a regular manner. I mean, who wants to read a blog that is only posted to every couple of months?

Er. Yes. I’ve noticed the disconnect. While I am busy cracking the whip at the Fred Parent writers, my own blog sits and languishes. Not quite at the “every two months” scenario, but I’m not exactly setting the world on fire here either.  Maybe I need an external whip cracker too, since my self-motivation seems to be a bit weak.

I could say, and it would be true, that there are always a hundred things vying for my attention. On the home front: we got that snow I was warbling about in my last post and despite it being only 2-3″ the kids were out of school ALL WEEK. Yes, ALL WEEK.  Here in Virginia we take our snow SERIOUSLY. 

That span was a never-ending cycle of wiping snow and mud off the floor, running gloves and hats through the dryer and making what felt like a million mugs of hot cocoa for the enthusiastic sledders.  Yep, that week threw me off any semblance of a schedule whatsoever. Work, writing, you name it, it was buried under an “avalanche” of snow.

On the UMW front (when I finally made it back in, post-Snowpocolypse, and reintroduced myself to my co-workers), it is spring semester. The office I work in serves all students, including seniors. Who, drumroll please, are waking up (as they always do this time of year) and realizing that: OHMYGODIAMGRADUATINGINAFEWMONTHSANDINEEDAJOB!!!  As our office includes “Career Services” prominently in the title, where do you think their professors and parents are sending them? You got it, camera zoom to yours truly. Thus work has been, oh, a wee bit busy of late as well.

Not that I would be writing this blog on work time. Perish the thought! Even though it is related to my work (role model, etc, see this post: http://www.marybecelia.com/uncategorized/new-year-fresh-start/), but I might at least be running ideas through my head or pondering funny topics if I was not slammed with seniors looking for resume and job search assistance every minute of every work day (or so it feels some days).

And then there was the post-I-lost. It was SO frustrating to write some of the best prose I have ever, ever written (or so I can say now that it’s vanished) and then, like an idiot, turn off my computer one night without saving it.  Bye-bye brilliant blog post. (Again, it will live on for all time, or as long as my feeble memory can hold onto it, as the wittiest, most wonderful piece of writing ever produced by me and no one can dispute it. I know. That may not be saying much).

But back the beginning of this post. I’ve learned, through my little blogging adventure, how hard it can be to post regularly. I realize, more than ever, what a great job the Fred Parent bloggers (and bloggers everywhere!) are doing. Many of you have lives that are far more hectic and demanding than mine. Most of you probably don’t have a Mary reminding/encouraging you to post, yet you write diligently and post regularly! 

Like many things (parenting, as one small example), I never appreciated the effort involved in keeping a blog up until I tried it myself. I will try to be inspired and not overwhelmed and whip myself along as best I can.  And if any of you want to check out the blogs I am referring to, and actually find some that are posted to on a consistent basis, why thank you for asking! Here is a link: http://www.fredericksburgparent.net/blogs


Waiting for the Snow

So, my eyes popped open at 5:30 AM today. Last I heard the snow was supposed to start at 6:00 AM. Dashed to the window, all of five years old again for a moment. Nada.  So I went back to bed and gave it the old college try. Except back in my college days I was sometimes going to bed at 5:30 AM, not ever getting up. At any rate, I knew getting back to sleep would  be a fail and it was. Gave up at 6:00 AM (still no white stuff) and staggered downstairs in search of caffeine and my first hit of Facebook.

As I type this, it’s a bit after 7:00 AM and (still): no snow. But that’s ok, the most recent word from my friends Chris and Dee over at B101.5 (http://www.b1015.com/) is that it’s supposed to start at 10:00 AM. 2.5 hours til lift off, folks!

So I’m enjoying the proverbial calm before the storm. Before my two kids come barreling down the stairs and start their own personal snow watch, blaming me if the flakes don’t fall fast enough and clamoring to get outside as soon as there is a dusting. My eight-year-old son wanted to lay out his snow pants, fireman-style, last night. My 11 year old daughter told me that, no, her old snow boots do not fit and, no the ones that I had planned to loan her won’t do either (too big). So we may have a problem there. Am trying not to think about it and humming “fiddle de dee” just like Scarlett O’Hara:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0hTvKgsKsY

The rest of the day is sure to be a messy one. Snow tracked in. Kids yelling and shouting with excitement. Moms (me) yelling as well. Wet mittens and scarves draped everywhere (“NOT OVER THE WOODEN CHAIR! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU THAT?!”) and many mugs of hot cocoa. Maybe a movie once they get worn out from sledding and throwing snowballs. And extra practice time on the piano. Yes, I’m that kind of mom. “Snow day? Great! You have no reason not to get in a few extra minutes, guys!”  Ah, if only the extra time put in at the keyboard registered in terms of the progress they are (not) making. But that is a topic for another post. Right now I’m going to refill my coffee cup, sprinkle some bird seed outside for my feathered neighbors and keep an eye out for that first glorious flake!