This is always a tricky one. “About.”  About me, myself and I, and just how hard should it be to write about oneself?  Well, just ask any of the students I’ve worked with over the years (George Mason University, University of Virginia, Vassar College and University of Mary Washington) who struggled to describe themselves on paper, in their resumes; or in person, via an interview. It is surprisingly difficult, actually, to do a fair and accurate job of it. You naturally want to present yourself in the best light, but not in an obviously bragging sort of way.

So…the hesitation. The consideration. The pondering and floundering.  Plunging in is perhaps the best strategy, and keeping it brief is also a good idea. After all, none of you is all that fascinated with me (your own cute little selves are so much more interesting!).

Forthwith:  I have worked for over 20 years in the field of career counseling (see paragraph one). I enjoy working with students, I love being a part of a beautiful campus.  My other job is as Blogs Community Manager for a local parenting magazine. I get to recruit and work with over 20 bloggers who write on a wide variety of parenting topics. Finally, I write a monthly column for the same magazine, titled Family Chatter. I have the attention span of a flea, so this mixed bag of jobs suits me well.

When I am not dispensing words of wisdom on the career counseling front or writing/editing sparkling prose for the reading pleasure of the mommies and daddies of Fredericksburg, I manage to keep quite busy on the home front, where my two kids, three pets and husband (he is nodding and shrugging as he reads the order in which that list is presented) provide plenty of fodder for my writing.

At the end of the day, when all my various tasks are done (or as done as they are going to get until the next day), I love, love, love to read and fall asleep, inevitably, after a couple of chapters of my current novel.  There you have it, along with my apologies, so much for keeping this brief!

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